Monday, December 26, 2011

The untold birth of Jesus

I was so excited. I had been looking forward to this day since time began. It felt so long ago yet it felt like yesterday. I suppose that happens when you’re me. I had planned the day down to the smallest details. I had placed everything where it should be. The excitement in the air was absolutely palpable. My son was about to make me the proudest Father ever. It was like he was going for his first day of school. I was waiting for his birth. The moment when it would all begin. My son had agreed to undo all that had been done in the past. He was going to right the wrongs of the entire universe. This was a huge moment in my Life. I did one last check that everything was in place. The STAR was on its way. The manger was ready. The angels had practiced what they were going to say to the shepherds……They had been practicing for years. This was now the time for it all to happen. This was to be a milestone in my plans for humanity, for myself, for everyone. I could not contain myself.

I waved to Gabriel to get ready, he smiled. He had been ready for a millennium or two. I watched as Mary and Joseph held hands while she screamed in labour.  The sheep and cows stood nearby as planned watching and listening to what was unfolding. In anticipation we all waited. The universe held its breath for the birth of its King. The cry rang out as the baby emerged. Joseph quickly wiped the baby clean and wrapped him in swaddling clothes. Mary smiled as Joseph handed my son to Mary. Mary smiled and said Jesus my son. I could not contain myself any longer, I shouted “Jesus, my son”. I needed the world to know. The Star rose in the east to let people know. The angels left to see the shepherds. The world now had a saviour. Not just a prophet or wise men. They had plenty of those. No, this was my son. He is the King, The saviour, the ruler of the world. He was going to bring my people back to me.

The Angels broke out in Chorus and worship me. I noticed that Lucifer was silent. He knew his time had come. The end was now drawing closer.

Merry Christmas everyone and most of all Happy Birthday Jesus.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The day it all went wrong

I was wealthy. I had a beautiful wife, three wonderful children, a very large house in a secure wealthy suburb. I had the job everyone would kill for. I had a salary that attracted attention from investment companies and banks all desperate to have a share of my wealth. I had friends everywhere that would assist me with almost anything…..for a price. It had happened over many years. I had started small with a few small business ideas. One of them had finally worked and made me what I was. I was proud of myself. The world was my oyster and I could achieve anything I wanted to. I had become my own god. I worshiped me. I looked at what I had done and it was good. I felt sorry for the people who were not able to achieve as I had achieved. I pitied them for being stupid and lazy. If I could do it anyone could.

I sat in my corner office looking out the window at the buildings around me. I wore my best suit today as I was about to be promoted to an even better position. I would climb the ladder of success further than anyone else my age had every done.

The door slammed open. In rushed my secretary. She shouted. ‘It’s all over, it’s ruined, and we are finished.” I jumped from my seat and ran to her. “What do you mean?” She spluttered, “The FBI is downstairs”. I knew what this meant. All our bad dealings had caught up with us. I had been aware of the dealings for months. It was standard to work within the grey areas of the law. We however had pushed further into what was illegal, Fraud, Money laundering and some very unsavoury friends. My millions would be gone in a breeze. I then realised…

I had no wealth, my wife loved someone else, my children did not know me, and my house would be gone. I had no Job or salary. I would lose my friends. It had happened overnight. I had lost everything. I was very sad. I realised that I was no god. I realised that I did not deserve worship. Everything I had done was bad. I was happy others had not been like. They had been clever. They had walked the righteous path. I realised that I was alone, that I had nothing. I fell to my knees and cried. I cried for forgiveness from God.

Sometimes we get so lost in life we forget that God is in control. We lose him in our rush to achieve status, wealth and power only to realise later that they are meaningless and can disappear in an instant. God is always there. Seek him first. Spend time with him and rest in his arms. Let him be your guide to how to live your life. Maybe it’s time you took a break and spent it with family and friends. Don’t lose the precious people in your life by chasing material wealth. Focus on the important stuff in life. God and then family, That’s the priority I would want you all to have.

Greg hay

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The END of the WORLD

I had searched everywhere. I had checked the kitchen, the bathrooms, around the house. Even the Garden shed. I could not find my Mother. Her car was here, so she had not driven anywhere. The keys were where she always left them. I tried her cellphone for the tenth time and left another message. Where had she gone? This was ridiculous. It was dinner time and she needed to make me food. I had been out the entire day with friends having a great time doing things she and her church would disapprove of. I was old enough to make my own decisions. I could live my life the way I wanted without boundaries and rules. Church was for old people or people who did not keep up with science. God did not exist.
I turned on the TV to see the usual presenters only to see that there were new ones. They must have fired them or they were on Christmas leave. It was silly to have them both on leave at the same time. The new presenters seemed very nervous and unprofessional. They were to say it bluntly, quite useless. I started to listen carefully and then started sweating. The news was about the disappearance of people off the planet. People had just gone. What got my attention was when the presenter said in a very sarcastic tone that it seemed to be mainly religious fundamentalists and that the world was better without them. They were talking about my mom. Now I was really worried.
I grabbed the phone and dialed again, still no answer. I called her friend Betty. The phone was answered by her daughter Melissa. She had not seen my mom and wanted to know if I had seen her mom. Maybe they were together at one of those prayer meetings at the church and their phones were on silent.

I grabbed the car keys and headed for the car. I was going to see what was going on at the church. I was getting very freaked out. I remembered being taught about the Rapture. The Rapture was time when all Christians would disappear and be with God. I had always though it was rubbish, much like all the other myths in the Bible. Ridiculous and made up fairy tales.
When I got to the church there were cars in the car park. I ran inside to find the building empty. It was very, very weird. There were so many cars and yet no one in the building. I was about to leave when I heard sobbing in the corner. I ran to see who it was. It was the Pastor. I had met him a few times before. He was on his knees crying his eyes out. He looked at me and said. “So you also got left behind”. I knew what he meant. It had happened. God’s time had come. I burst into tears and collapsed to my knees and began praying. I had not done that in years.

There is a time limit. No one knows what it is. God is a patient God and has given mankind many years to make a decision to follow him. He’s given you many years as well. How many more years will he give you to make up your mind? Perhaps you have made up your mind already by not making a decision. At some point we will all stand before God and be judged for our relationship with him and how we have accepted him. For those who have not accepted there is eternal torment in the fires of hell. God Loves us but also has to be true to us in his wrath and in his judgment. After all we have done, we deserve punishment. He has given us a way out. Don’t wait too long to make your decision. You might run out of time.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time to get Wet...Make ur Choice

I had been in my car, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for more than an hour. I was sweating in the heat. The air conditioner had not been working for a while. I was starting to get frustrated. Where all this traffic came from had me puzzled.  Maybe there was an accident further up the road. I prayed that it had not been serious but knew it was probably going to be bad judging by all the cars sitting bumper to bumper on the freeway. Some cars had pulled to the side and seemed to have given up hope of getting anywhere.  Every few minutes I would start the car and move forward a few inches hoping I would see the end of the traffic. I turned on the radio to see if there was any information on what had happened and how to get around it. The announcer was hopeless and did not help in the least. There was something happening but nothing the announcer knew about.  Blah, Blah, Blah…..lots of traffic…..Blah, Blah, Blah… idea what is causing it….Blah, Blah, Blah…..police are on the way. How on earth where the police going to get through this traffic jam was beyond me.

People started running past my car. At first I thought we were being attacked from behind and everyone was running to get clear. I taking a closer look I realised that the people were not running away but rather running towards something. They seemed strangely happy. I could only assume it was not an accident as I had assumed. Maybe some famous person had blocked the road. One thing was for sure we were no longer going anywhere. Traffic had come to a stop. The inches I enjoyed were now completely gone with abandoned cars all over the freeway.  After a few minutes I realised that I could not miss out.  I was as curious as anyone could be.

I reached for the door handle and opened the door almost hitting a person running past in excitement to get to whatever he was trying to get to. He managed to veer to the side and avoid being knocked over by the door. After making sure the doors were locked, I started walking down the road in the same direction to where everyone else was heading. It was a strange feeling following the masses without knowing where I was going. The excitement was building for me even though I had no idea what was happening. I started to trot forward at a slightly quicker pace trying to match those around me.

I heard someone shout a name. It sounded like Jesus. I had heard stories about him. He had changed people’s lives in dramatic ways. He had healed some sick people. A blind guy could see, a lame person had started walking. There was a rumor that he had raised someone from the dead. It was ridiculous. No human could do that. He must be a magician of some kind.

In front of me I could see where the crowds had gathered. It was by the lake on the side of the freeway. The bank at the edge of the lake was covered in people watching someone in the water. I could tell it was the Jesus I had heard about. There was a long snake of people heading towards Jesus. The people were up to their knees in water. As they got to Jesus he would have a few words with him and then he would baptize them under water. The people would come out smiling and happy like all the cares of the world had been lifted from their shoulders. It was amazing to see what was going on. I knew that there was something special about Jesus. I knew that I would be faced with a choice.

You have a choice. Jesus had come to seek and save the lost. He called people to repent and be baptized. He called us to believe and be baptized. Do you believe? Have you repented? Have you been baptized? If you were standing on the banks of the Jordan what choice would you make if you saw Jesus in the water. You can make that choice now. Find a church with a good Pastor. Speak to him, Confess, believe and get Baptised. There is no time like the present. After all Jesus got Baptised and said we should is that not enough reason.


                Greg Hay

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Day I Died

I was in agony. I could feel pain in every part of my body. I had at least one broken rib from the beatings I had endured over the last few days. Three broken fingers from the previous torture session. It had seemed like I had been here for an eternity but it had only been a week. I was in some non descript building in Iran. I tried to open my eyes. Through the slight haze in one eye I could see the small window with burglar bars. It barely gave light to the small cramped room I had found myself in. My other eye had stopped working. In this awful situation I somehow found peace. I found God. He was the reason I was here. I knew I should have been more careful with the bible I possessed. I had always known how dangerous it would be if I had been caught. There were so few in the country and now there was one less. It had surprised me that my friends had turned me in. I forgave them. They had been raised as extremist Moslem as had I. It was their duty. I had been a Christian less than a year. I had kept it secret from everyone except Ahmed my Christian brother. We had studied the bible together in secret to avoid being persecuted. All this was now coming to an end. I had been beaten on the brink of death and commanded to deny my faith. To turn against my father, creator and friend. To worship someone who did not Love me. It was impossible to do. Since meeting Jesus I had been changed permanently. I had no fear of death. I worshiped Jesus.

The door burst open. Three men came in and dragged me out the room. One had a machete. I knew this was it. The pain was going to stop. I was going to meet my maker. I began to shake uncontrollably and to sob aloud. They pinned my head on a block of wood. I was freaking out. The one in charge asked me. "Deny Jesus, serve Allah and his prophet Mohammed or you will now die". I was seriously considering changing my mind. Was God real? Where was he? I felt fear and hopelessness. As I was about to open my mouth I suddenly felt warm and loved. I knew I was safe. I knew Jesus was with me. I heard Jesus speak. He said " I am with you as I always was". My lips moved and I shouted " Jesus is God". I barely finished the sentence before the machette sliced through my neck.

I knew I was dead. It felt strangely good. I saw Jesus in front of me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and gave me a hug. All my pain was gone. I felt immeasurable love. He said " Well done Aabidah, welcome to my home. I have a room for you.

Consider the Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Many who die for their love of Jesus. Visit and find out more. Pray for their protection.

Greg hay

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breaking News – Young Christian Man Survives near Death Experience in Cave full of Lions

A young man in America known as Dan has survived a near death experience in a cave full of a large pride of very hungry lions. The Lions had been imported from Africa to be used as a method of executing people after it was found the Electric Chair and Guillotine had cost too much in running costs in the current tight economy. The Lions were found to be low maintenance as they were fed only humans on a regular basis. In particular the Lions were used to deal with extremists such as Christians or other God fearing people such as the Jews. The Lions had a 100% track record of executions including a group of men found guilty of worshiping God. This track record has now been broken by this well know man called Dan. Dan is a man who works in the local UN office in a very high position of Power. He is well known for being honest and hardworking. Unfortunately Dan is also a Christian who worships regularly at his home in full view of other bystanders who are subjected to his beliefs without their permission. Over time this has become an issue for the local authorities who want Dan to stop worshiping his God, Obey the local laws and worship the President of America as God. Dan was given a brief trial in which he confessed guilty and was sentenced to Death by Lions. Dan was escorted to the Lions Cave by a number of guards. On being tossed to the Lions the expectation was that Dan would be killed within minutes and consumed in entirety shortly thereafter. The Lions had not eaten for a number of days and would enjoy the meal. Much to the surprise of the onlookers the Lions did not do anything to Dan and remained calm during the entire process. The Crowd were disappointed to discover that Dan had survived the night and based on legal laws was released shortly after dawn. There were a number of his close friends to welcome him on his release. According to Dan the Lions could not touch him as he was protected by the Christian God called Jesus.
This story is based on the book of Daniel Chapter 6 and raises a number of Questions for us in modern society. The Question of what we hold important to us is foremost in the picture. Do we hold Jesus as the center of our lives or would we prefer a President, Country, Flag or business to be what we stand for. Daniel was challenged to worship someone other than God and go against all his peers and the laws of the land in what he stood for. He worshiped God and had a relationship with God many people would envy. In Some countries of the world today Christians cannot worship or Pray without fear of being killed. Not much has changed in all these years from what Daniel experienced. Yet Christianity still grows as more and more people hear Jesus and follow his voice regardless of the consequences. What would you do in Daniels situation? What would you do today if you lived in one of the countries of the world where Christians cannot worship freely? Yet sometimes in our freedom we cannot even stand up for the God we believe and follow. Lord Jesus help us to follow you above every other god that tries to compete with you.



Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Swan Paddling against the current

This story is inspired by a Word that came out of our Sunday morning church today.

The Sun was high in the sky shining across the river which made its way through wonderful landscaped mountains.  I sat on the edge of the mountain peering down at the lake at the end of the River through binoculars. The landscapes were impressive to say the least. A movement caught my eye as I was going over the landscape. It was a Swan on the lake trying to paddle against the current of water pushing it downstream. The swan tried it’s best to move upstream but seemed to constantly be pushed back by the torrent of water moving in the opposite direction. The Swans reflection in the water got churned up as the Swan tried to paddle harder and harder. Eventually the Swan realized that going against the current was not working and it stopped paddling and floated with the current. The Swan with a few kicks then used the current to take to flight and soar into the air, leaving behind all the struggles of going against the current.

In life we are sometimes like that Swan. We struggle against Gods plan for us. The more we struggle the more we don’t reflect who we are and we don’t get to where God wants us. We need to go with the current and allow God to give us what we need so we can take flight and get beyond all the issues in life. Let God be in control and reflect Jesus by allowing him to form you. Let the Potter be the potter and don’t fight so hard to be something you were not designed to be.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Great Circus

I let go of my father’s hand and ran as fast as I could. I could hear the voices and the sounds of Animals. I could smell the distinct smell of grass. In front of me was a barrier. A tall wooden fence made of pine. That was all that stopped me from seeing the Circus. I ran down the fence a few meters and found a hole big enough to put my eye on. I looked in. I could see a tail. It was something large and grey. It must be an elephant if only I could see the rest.  I ran further down and found another hole. I peered in to see what I could find. The Elephant had gone and all I could see was colour and movement. I could not tell what it was. The frustration in mind was building. I wanted to see everything. I ran to the next hole and checked again. There, I could see it, it was a monkey holding onto something……I could not see what it was. I was so frustrated. My Father was following me silently seeing what I would do. I ran to another hole and peered in….an elephant. Wait, I had been to this hole. I ran further and tried again. It seemed no matter what hole I tried I always came up with a small view of what was going on. I turned round and looked at my father. I was sad and my face showed it. I said with great disappointment.” I can’t see anything”. My father reached down. Grabbed me by my arms and lifted me effortlessly to his shoulder. My world erupted in colour and movement. I could see everything. I could see a large Elephant balancing on a block. There were monkeys dancing around. There was the colour of the clowns with their bright red noses playing tricks on each other. In the corner was the best of all a male lion in all his glory with a huge mane.  I could now see the entire Circus and I was happy, Happy that my father had been there to lift me up.
Often we try to put everything together in our lives and understand what is going on but only God see's the entire picture. We need to rely on him and trust him to show the full story when the time is right. Without him we will have limited view and will only see in part.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The stupidity of humanity

We build gadgets that can do great things and then discover that they fail to boot up, freeze, overheat, crack and eventually die. We build cars that can take us to great places……we then realise that they have no fuel, need maintenance, rust and eventually also stop working. We build ships to move great things great distances, we marvel at our great works and then realise that they sink, rust and eventually stop working. We build buildings that are skyscrapers……..then they fall over, get washed over, crack and fall down. We build great dams to hold back large rivers…..amazing…..until they burst, flood, leak and destroy humans.  We play with atoms…. Incredible…then they blow up and wipe out more humans. We fix our bodies with our skill… a pill here, an operation there. Yet we still die at less than 100 years. We get diseases, plagues and still eventually die.

Yet God made animals that live longer than us. He said we should not live longer than 120 years….and it was so. He created mountains larger than our skyscrapers and they stay where he put them unless he wants them moved. We marvel at a distance at the planets, stars and galaxy’s…..but we have not been there. God has. We has been there, created the planets, stars and galaxy’s and knows every single one by name….we haven’t found them all yet never mind given them names.

If we were so evolved why can’t we sense an earthquake with our feet, swim under floods with our gills, fly to the moon and back without mechanical assistance. Create food for the nations from nothing.

It’s simple….we are stupid…. when compared to God. You can try what you want. Be a genius. You still don’t get close to what God can do. We can’t even imagine it. Yet we have the audacity to try to proclaim ourselves god through our small science kits…….Ridiculous.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Breaking News - Rabbi saves woman from stoning in Israel..

Today a Woman caught in adultery in Israel was led by a mob of Pharisees to a local Rabbi for punishment. According to Jewish custom the woman was to be stoned to death for her Sin. The Man she was with was not to be found and seemed to have escaped the mob. An argument took place over the legality of the stoning based on Jewish laws. The Rabbi argued that the men wanting to stone her had sinned just as much as the woman and therefore could not stone her. He indicated that based on their interpretation of the law they should also face the death sentence. The result of which is that the men left the scene leaving the Rabbi with the accused and a large pile of stones. The Rabbi said he would not condemn her however she did need to stop living her life of Sin.

This story was taken from John 8:3 in the Bible. Read the story and then consider the message Jesus has for you. “Neither do I condemn you, Go and Sin no more”.
Jesus does not want to condemn us. He loves us and wants us to follow him whole heartedly. We will never have the strength to do this alone. We need the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to make it through each day. Pray and invite the Holy Spirit to guide you and lead you. Allow Jesus to be your friend. Listen to him and respond to him. Yeshua Ben David.



Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Great Inheritance

One upon a time there was a young man whose father passed away and left him and inheritance. The will was read out and two items were sent to the son. First he was given a gift. It was a gift neatly wrapped in a small blue box with a ribbon on. Secondly he was given his Fathers mansion. This mansion was the largest ever built in the entire world and was worth huge sums of money. The Son was so delighted in receiving the mansion that he ignored the small blue gift and rushed to the mansion. After walking around the mansion he realised that a large section of the mansion was closed off behind a large vault door. The door was very, very big. It was like a door he had seen on movies protecting great treasures. He knew that there would be great treasures from his father behind the door and all he needed to do was open it. Rooms would be opened and secrets would be revealed that would change his life. He called a locksmith who tried to open the door unsuccessfully. He called another locksmith who failed just as badly. The young man tried other locksmith’s. He got the best safe cracker in the world at a hefty price. He Tried angle grinders and other heavy machinery but nothing would work. One day he arranged for someone to try blowing the door open with dynamite, then c4 and then shape chargers but the huge metal door stood firm.

The young man was no longer young. He had spent many years and much of his wealth trying to open the door in the mansion. He had sacrificed time, money and his relationships to try to get into the Vault. Everything he had tried had failed. He had nothing else to leave his son and that had saddened him but it was too late. On his deathbed he breathed his last breath and left the mansion to his son. The son walked around the mansion and searched the house. Everything had been sold and the house was empty. While looking in the study he noticed a small blue box sitting on the top shelf. It had ben untouched. The wrapping was a little worn. The ribbon was no longer in place. The son wiped the dust of the gift and began to open it. Inside was a shiny key. It looked like it had never been used. There was a note which read. “My Son, All I have is yours. Open and enjoy.” The young man knew that it was the key to the Vault. He ran to the vault and searched the door for the keyhole. In between the scratches dents and bumps from all the work that had been done on the door he found a small hole. The key slid in perfectly. The Key turned smoothly with a small click. The key seemed to trigger a series of loud thumps as the locks that had stood in place for many years began to move out of place. The door swung open and before him was a long passage with many rooms on the side. He knew that it was going to be a long time before he discovered what was behind all the passages and doors that now lay before him.

God has left you a key that opens many doors and many surprises. The Holy Spirit is the key to all the hidden secrets that God has for you. Find the Holy Spirit, find Jesus, find God.

Hope you enjoyed.


                Greg Hay

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Raised from the Dead

Today I have two stories. One I wrote and the other is a true story I was told by the person involved.


We had been hiking for days. It was a celebration of our childhood. We had all been scouts and done this many times. Planning the route, the overnight stops, the meals. We had all become springbok scouts. We knew exactly what we were doing even though it had been a few years since that ceremony. We knew what to watch for in weather patterns and how to survive if things went wrong. The problem with a lot of training these days is that's its done in a closed environment where everything can be controlled. Out here in the mountains we were on our own with very little control. The weather was one of those uncontrollables. The clouds had moved in rapidly. They were dark and nasty and we were no where close to shelter. Just as we picked up the pace the rain started. At first it was a drizzle, then it began to bucket down. The path began to get slippery and we knew we were in trouble. Despite our training pride pushed us forward. We wanted to get to shelter.

Suddenly there was a might crack. I could feel myself lift off my feet from a mighty jolt and then nothing.

I slowly came round. I had a throbbing headache. My face was covered with water. I wiped my eyes so I could see better and saw blood on my hand. I must have hit a rock with my head. I looked around and saw the others stirring. We must have been near a lightning strike. I could smell the sulfur, I could also smell something else. It was burnt flesh. I jumped to my feet and then I saw Jack. He was lying a distance away and was not moving. I raced towards him with the others close behind. What we all saw confirmed our worst fears. Jack had taken the force of the lightning. His feet were burn to a crisp and almost unrecognizable. I bent to check his pulse. Nothing. Tears started to mix with the rainwater and blood. We all stood immobile. Just standing.

I saw movement to my left. It was another group of hikers. They came directly to us and then I recognized the leader. It was Jesus. He did not say a word. He knelt next to Jack and took his hand and bowed his head as if in prayer while water streamed down his face. At first I could not believe my eyes. Jacks feet began to transform. At first slowly and then at a rapid rate. The burn crisps changed to normal feet with skin and toes. As I  watching I heard a cough as Jack spluttered to life. Jesus had risen the dead it what was impossible circumstances. Jesus stood and began to leave with his group. I then noticed the rain had stopped and the clouds had gone.

Cliff, a man I admired who has passed away once told me the below story.

Cliff was preaching in a tent in Harare Zimbabwe to a large crowd. He was worked up and giving what he felt was a really brilliant sermon. He was in the middle of his sermon when down the isle came a mother and father carrying their motionless son. It was the norm for Cliff to pray for healing. He did it all the time. I had witnessed a leg grow when he prayed for one young man. The couple with their son however was disturbing a really good sermon. He quickly prayed for what he thought was a sick boy and then carried on preaching. That night he had a really good response from the crowd.

The next morning the interpreter explain to a shocked Cliff that the boy had been dead for a number of hours. After Cliff had prayed and the family had gone outside the boy had revived. The entire community heard the story and were very moved. Cliff said quite frankly that if he had known the boy was dead he would not have prayed for him.

God works in mysterious ways.


Greg hay

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Business and The CEO Takeover

Once upon a time there was a Family. The Father of the family was wealthy and had great power. His Family Empire spread far and wide. The family loved the Father and always spent time listening to him. He had many sons, daughters and servants. His three most trusted servants looked after everything. However since it was such a large Family one of the trusted servants of the Father decided to take over. He wanted to be the CEO and felt that he had the right to be in charge. He moved some of the family wealth into his own bank account and took over some of the family businesses. With some of the other servants he placed himself in charge. The family followed this servant who was now CEO. He tried to remove everything that reminded the people of the real Father and the family business.  He made the people work extra hard. He made them so busy they did not have time to look for the real Father or care about the family business. The new CEO led the people into illegal businesses. Stuff the Family business would never have done. Over time people forgot the real Father and what the family business was about. They forgot where the Father lived and how to get to his house and visit him.

The Father was saddened by this. He was sad that family could not find him and visit. He had very little family around for Christmas and Easter.  He was sad that no one came to visit and talk to him anymore.  They were far too busy.  He had his lawyers try to get the money and the companies back from the servant. He had the illegal businesses investigated. He knew he would win but it would take a long time. The Father had a son and decided to send his son to speak to the people. His son should be able to convince the people to work for the family business again. The Son knew the Father and could lead the people back to the family home and the family business if people would listen to him. The more the Son tried to convince the people to go back to the family business the more people resisted.  Some people enjoyed the illegal businesses they were in. Some people had made a lot of money and did not want to lose it. There were some people who wanted to go back to a family business. They knew that it would be better for them. The CEO was upset and got some thugs to ambush the Son and kill him so that people would not follow him back to the family business. The CEO though he had killed the son but had just knocked him unconscious. After three days in intensive care. The Son made his way back to his father so that he could tell his father about the people he had met. The Son had made a list of all the people’s names that belonged in the family business and wanted to be there. He had arranged with the daughter of the Father to lead people back to the family home. All they needed to do was show that they had signed a covenant agreement.

Join the family business I say.....


Saturday, July 16, 2011

75 Days

75 days. That's how long it had been since it all started. 75 days of rollercoaster emotions. 75 days of doctors, nurses and hospitals. 75 days in a bed. 75 days of needles and tests. I had had enough. My body could not take it anymore being this human experimentation. The medication was destroying me mentally and physically. 75 days and it was over. The doctors had given up. They had no more medicine or mixes that could fix me. No more specialists. No knowledge or degree could help me. I was going to be a statistic, a young person who died before their time without achieving their goals. There were no more answers, just lots of questions. Where was I going? Would they miss me? Could my life have been better? Did I have time to make it all right? I had hurt so many people. Done so many things I regretted. It was too late to fix it. Too late to find all the people I had hurt and to make it right. As I lay on the hospice bed too weak to do anything except wonder what could have been. I wondered if God existed would he forgive me. Would he even care? I rationalized that it was worth a try. If God existed and he was what everyone had told me then he would forgive me. I closed my eyes to pray. I had not done that since I was a child. “God, if you are there, forgive me”. I felt a tear run down my face. Emotions began to bubble up in me like I had never experienced before. I realized that I had finally let go. I had recognized God.  A hand touched my shoulder. I opened my eyes. A man smiling and full of love sat next to me with his hoodie around his neck. For some strange reason I recognized him. It was Jesus. God had sent him. God must have cared a lot. He said nothing and just smiled. It was infectious. I smiled back. Warmth covered my body and I felt safe. I knew everything was going to be ok. My questions were no longer relevant. I dozed off finally letting go while he sat next to me watching over me.

75 days later I was still alive. I was more than alive. I was completely healed.

Jesus healed many people in the bible, some by their faith, some with forgiveness and some by driving out demons. In whatever way it happened it glorified God. There is no system or formula. The only common ground was God. Believe.

hope you all enjoyed this story i wrote.


Be encouraged.

Greg Hay

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jesus Drives a small car.

I was angry. Today was looking like a day from Hell. It was wet, miserable and cold. For the fourth time in my life I was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre. What made it worse was that the spare also had a puncture.  It had been disabled for more than three months. I had been telling my husband for weeks about it. That he needed to fix the tyre so that I would not end up in the predicament in which I now found myself. I felt unloved, uncared for, but especially angry. I was soaked to the bone, makeup streaming down my face trying franticly to wave down speeding cars. I must have looked quite a sight.

It was then that I saw a car slow down and pull up in front of my car. It was a small car. Nothing fancy but had new numbers on the back. It looked like it had not even been registered. The figure who stepped out the car was strangely familiar. Not tall or short, just right. He was young. Thirty something with long hair that seemed well kept. He smile seemed warm in this cold weather. He walked up to me and handed me his car keys. He smiled and said “Your Husband needs you to Love him and not be angry”. “Take my car and go to him.” At first I was unsure. Do I trust this stranger? Should I take his car? Do I really want to be with my Husband? What had he meant by the comments that I should love him?  Had he been reading my mind? After some hesitation I grabbed my stuff from my car, took the keys jumped in and took off. As he was leaving I heard him shout “Talk with you tomorrow morning Angel”

When I got home my husband was in tears in the main room. He had been badly beaten.  We had been robbed, our car stolen. He had been held at gunpoint for a long time. The men all dressed in black had threatened to Rape his wife when she came home. He had eventually convinced them that there were no more valuables in the house and that they should leave.  A cold sweat broke out on hearing that word. I realised that I had been spared grievous bodily harm by breaking down on the road. That my husband had suffered alone yet with the terrible fear of me returning to a terrible fate. I was grateful that he had not had the tire fixed. The material losses seemed like nothing. We had our lives and we had each other. We hugged for a long time. I was not angry. Tears streamed down my face. I felt loved again.

I then realised who was in the other car. i though he was familiar. Only Jesus called me Angel. He had saved me in more ways than one. I was very grateful and was going to make a point of speaking to him more than I had ever done before.

With Jesus, all things are possible. Are you open to the possibilities? He created the universe. Everyday day he does miracles. Do we see them? Do we expect them? Live with Jesus and expect the unexpected every day.
Hope u all enjoyed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What really happens at a Funeral

The Story begins,

It was a dark day. Rolling clouds covered the sky. The wind blew gently increasing the feeling of cold. The trees had lost their leaves for the season. The building we were in was pleasant yet plain. Nothing made the building stand out. There were no bright colours. The building felt like the weather, Grey sprinkled with some moisture. The pews were hard as rock. No matter what way you sat it felt uncomfortable, yet they were all full. The building held close on three hundred people with ease. The crowd was strangely silent except for the occasional sniff. Everyone wore black. In the front was a long wooden box propped up on a rickity stand with wheels. It was placed near the stage that contained all the music instruments. The lid of the box  was open. The box contained our dear sister. We had all gathered for this sad occasion. She was a stalwart of the Faith. A women who had held it all together. She had made a difference in many people’s lives. This could be seen by the turnout that day. She had prayed, preached, healed the sick, fed many and had left us with so many memories. Why had she gone so early? Had she finished what was required of her? Had she gone to a better place? No one knew the answers. Everyone was feeling lonely and Sad.

Suddenly a figure came in the door. He was dressed well with long well-kept hair. His sandals trotted on the dark carpet almost making it seem like he was gliding. He was not wearing Black and seemed joyful. At first I was surprised but when he got closer I realized who this was. The confident gait gave it away. I could see the leaders in the front tense up. They looked as if they were getting ready for a confrontation. Jesus ignored them. Close behind him was Lazarus. Lazarus had been raised from the dead a few weeks ago in a very similar setting. Was Jesus here to repeat what he had done to Lazarus. Jesus went straight to the box while removing his headphones. He leaned in and kissed Sarah gently on the forehead and said. "You have made it". "I am so proud of you". "My Father has prepared a place for you". Then he turned and in a loud voice said. “Why are you all so Sad”. “Sarah is in a better place, you should all want to be there”. “Celebrate where she has gone.” Then he left just as quickly as he had come.

Rob Bell says God loves us and wants us all in heaven. He is correct. The Sad part to the story is that some people will not make it. People who have tried all sorts of formulas will fail to get there. Sinners and lost people will make it because they know Jesus and have a relationship with him. Let’s all pray that we can be like Sarah and have Jesus love us and be happy with us that we have made it to his kingdom. That’s where I would like to be in the house with many, many rooms. No one let’s strangers in to their house.
Cheers Deep Thinkers