Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Business and The CEO Takeover

Once upon a time there was a Family. The Father of the family was wealthy and had great power. His Family Empire spread far and wide. The family loved the Father and always spent time listening to him. He had many sons, daughters and servants. His three most trusted servants looked after everything. However since it was such a large Family one of the trusted servants of the Father decided to take over. He wanted to be the CEO and felt that he had the right to be in charge. He moved some of the family wealth into his own bank account and took over some of the family businesses. With some of the other servants he placed himself in charge. The family followed this servant who was now CEO. He tried to remove everything that reminded the people of the real Father and the family business.  He made the people work extra hard. He made them so busy they did not have time to look for the real Father or care about the family business. The new CEO led the people into illegal businesses. Stuff the Family business would never have done. Over time people forgot the real Father and what the family business was about. They forgot where the Father lived and how to get to his house and visit him.

The Father was saddened by this. He was sad that family could not find him and visit. He had very little family around for Christmas and Easter.  He was sad that no one came to visit and talk to him anymore.  They were far too busy.  He had his lawyers try to get the money and the companies back from the servant. He had the illegal businesses investigated. He knew he would win but it would take a long time. The Father had a son and decided to send his son to speak to the people. His son should be able to convince the people to work for the family business again. The Son knew the Father and could lead the people back to the family home and the family business if people would listen to him. The more the Son tried to convince the people to go back to the family business the more people resisted.  Some people enjoyed the illegal businesses they were in. Some people had made a lot of money and did not want to lose it. There were some people who wanted to go back to a family business. They knew that it would be better for them. The CEO was upset and got some thugs to ambush the Son and kill him so that people would not follow him back to the family business. The CEO though he had killed the son but had just knocked him unconscious. After three days in intensive care. The Son made his way back to his father so that he could tell his father about the people he had met. The Son had made a list of all the people’s names that belonged in the family business and wanted to be there. He had arranged with the daughter of the Father to lead people back to the family home. All they needed to do was show that they had signed a covenant agreement.

Join the family business I say.....