Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The stupidity of humanity

We build gadgets that can do great things and then discover that they fail to boot up, freeze, overheat, crack and eventually die. We build cars that can take us to great places……we then realise that they have no fuel, need maintenance, rust and eventually also stop working. We build ships to move great things great distances, we marvel at our great works and then realise that they sink, rust and eventually stop working. We build buildings that are skyscrapers……..then they fall over, get washed over, crack and fall down. We build great dams to hold back large rivers…..amazing…..until they burst, flood, leak and destroy humans.  We play with atoms…. Incredible…then they blow up and wipe out more humans. We fix our bodies with our skill… a pill here, an operation there. Yet we still die at less than 100 years. We get diseases, plagues and still eventually die.

Yet God made animals that live longer than us. He said we should not live longer than 120 years….and it was so. He created mountains larger than our skyscrapers and they stay where he put them unless he wants them moved. We marvel at a distance at the planets, stars and galaxy’s…..but we have not been there. God has. We has been there, created the planets, stars and galaxy’s and knows every single one by name….we haven’t found them all yet never mind given them names.

If we were so evolved why can’t we sense an earthquake with our feet, swim under floods with our gills, fly to the moon and back without mechanical assistance. Create food for the nations from nothing.

It’s simple….we are stupid…. when compared to God. You can try what you want. Be a genius. You still don’t get close to what God can do. We can’t even imagine it. Yet we have the audacity to try to proclaim ourselves god through our small science kits…….Ridiculous.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Breaking News - Rabbi saves woman from stoning in Israel..

Today a Woman caught in adultery in Israel was led by a mob of Pharisees to a local Rabbi for punishment. According to Jewish custom the woman was to be stoned to death for her Sin. The Man she was with was not to be found and seemed to have escaped the mob. An argument took place over the legality of the stoning based on Jewish laws. The Rabbi argued that the men wanting to stone her had sinned just as much as the woman and therefore could not stone her. He indicated that based on their interpretation of the law they should also face the death sentence. The result of which is that the men left the scene leaving the Rabbi with the accused and a large pile of stones. The Rabbi said he would not condemn her however she did need to stop living her life of Sin.

This story was taken from John 8:3 in the Bible. Read the story and then consider the message Jesus has for you. “Neither do I condemn you, Go and Sin no more”.
Jesus does not want to condemn us. He loves us and wants us to follow him whole heartedly. We will never have the strength to do this alone. We need the Holy Spirit to give us the strength to make it through each day. Pray and invite the Holy Spirit to guide you and lead you. Allow Jesus to be your friend. Listen to him and respond to him. Yeshua Ben David.