Sunday, October 2, 2011

Breaking News – Young Christian Man Survives near Death Experience in Cave full of Lions

A young man in America known as Dan has survived a near death experience in a cave full of a large pride of very hungry lions. The Lions had been imported from Africa to be used as a method of executing people after it was found the Electric Chair and Guillotine had cost too much in running costs in the current tight economy. The Lions were found to be low maintenance as they were fed only humans on a regular basis. In particular the Lions were used to deal with extremists such as Christians or other God fearing people such as the Jews. The Lions had a 100% track record of executions including a group of men found guilty of worshiping God. This track record has now been broken by this well know man called Dan. Dan is a man who works in the local UN office in a very high position of Power. He is well known for being honest and hardworking. Unfortunately Dan is also a Christian who worships regularly at his home in full view of other bystanders who are subjected to his beliefs without their permission. Over time this has become an issue for the local authorities who want Dan to stop worshiping his God, Obey the local laws and worship the President of America as God. Dan was given a brief trial in which he confessed guilty and was sentenced to Death by Lions. Dan was escorted to the Lions Cave by a number of guards. On being tossed to the Lions the expectation was that Dan would be killed within minutes and consumed in entirety shortly thereafter. The Lions had not eaten for a number of days and would enjoy the meal. Much to the surprise of the onlookers the Lions did not do anything to Dan and remained calm during the entire process. The Crowd were disappointed to discover that Dan had survived the night and based on legal laws was released shortly after dawn. There were a number of his close friends to welcome him on his release. According to Dan the Lions could not touch him as he was protected by the Christian God called Jesus.
This story is based on the book of Daniel Chapter 6 and raises a number of Questions for us in modern society. The Question of what we hold important to us is foremost in the picture. Do we hold Jesus as the center of our lives or would we prefer a President, Country, Flag or business to be what we stand for. Daniel was challenged to worship someone other than God and go against all his peers and the laws of the land in what he stood for. He worshiped God and had a relationship with God many people would envy. In Some countries of the world today Christians cannot worship or Pray without fear of being killed. Not much has changed in all these years from what Daniel experienced. Yet Christianity still grows as more and more people hear Jesus and follow his voice regardless of the consequences. What would you do in Daniels situation? What would you do today if you lived in one of the countries of the world where Christians cannot worship freely? Yet sometimes in our freedom we cannot even stand up for the God we believe and follow. Lord Jesus help us to follow you above every other god that tries to compete with you.