Friday, December 16, 2011

The day it all went wrong

I was wealthy. I had a beautiful wife, three wonderful children, a very large house in a secure wealthy suburb. I had the job everyone would kill for. I had a salary that attracted attention from investment companies and banks all desperate to have a share of my wealth. I had friends everywhere that would assist me with almost anything…..for a price. It had happened over many years. I had started small with a few small business ideas. One of them had finally worked and made me what I was. I was proud of myself. The world was my oyster and I could achieve anything I wanted to. I had become my own god. I worshiped me. I looked at what I had done and it was good. I felt sorry for the people who were not able to achieve as I had achieved. I pitied them for being stupid and lazy. If I could do it anyone could.

I sat in my corner office looking out the window at the buildings around me. I wore my best suit today as I was about to be promoted to an even better position. I would climb the ladder of success further than anyone else my age had every done.

The door slammed open. In rushed my secretary. She shouted. ‘It’s all over, it’s ruined, and we are finished.” I jumped from my seat and ran to her. “What do you mean?” She spluttered, “The FBI is downstairs”. I knew what this meant. All our bad dealings had caught up with us. I had been aware of the dealings for months. It was standard to work within the grey areas of the law. We however had pushed further into what was illegal, Fraud, Money laundering and some very unsavoury friends. My millions would be gone in a breeze. I then realised…

I had no wealth, my wife loved someone else, my children did not know me, and my house would be gone. I had no Job or salary. I would lose my friends. It had happened overnight. I had lost everything. I was very sad. I realised that I was no god. I realised that I did not deserve worship. Everything I had done was bad. I was happy others had not been like. They had been clever. They had walked the righteous path. I realised that I was alone, that I had nothing. I fell to my knees and cried. I cried for forgiveness from God.

Sometimes we get so lost in life we forget that God is in control. We lose him in our rush to achieve status, wealth and power only to realise later that they are meaningless and can disappear in an instant. God is always there. Seek him first. Spend time with him and rest in his arms. Let him be your guide to how to live your life. Maybe it’s time you took a break and spent it with family and friends. Don’t lose the precious people in your life by chasing material wealth. Focus on the important stuff in life. God and then family, That’s the priority I would want you all to have.

Greg hay