Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Great Circus

I let go of my father’s hand and ran as fast as I could. I could hear the voices and the sounds of Animals. I could smell the distinct smell of grass. In front of me was a barrier. A tall wooden fence made of pine. That was all that stopped me from seeing the Circus. I ran down the fence a few meters and found a hole big enough to put my eye on. I looked in. I could see a tail. It was something large and grey. It must be an elephant if only I could see the rest.  I ran further down and found another hole. I peered in to see what I could find. The Elephant had gone and all I could see was colour and movement. I could not tell what it was. The frustration in mind was building. I wanted to see everything. I ran to the next hole and checked again. There, I could see it, it was a monkey holding onto something……I could not see what it was. I was so frustrated. My Father was following me silently seeing what I would do. I ran to another hole and peered in….an elephant. Wait, I had been to this hole. I ran further and tried again. It seemed no matter what hole I tried I always came up with a small view of what was going on. I turned round and looked at my father. I was sad and my face showed it. I said with great disappointment.” I can’t see anything”. My father reached down. Grabbed me by my arms and lifted me effortlessly to his shoulder. My world erupted in colour and movement. I could see everything. I could see a large Elephant balancing on a block. There were monkeys dancing around. There was the colour of the clowns with their bright red noses playing tricks on each other. In the corner was the best of all a male lion in all his glory with a huge mane.  I could now see the entire Circus and I was happy, Happy that my father had been there to lift me up.
Often we try to put everything together in our lives and understand what is going on but only God see's the entire picture. We need to rely on him and trust him to show the full story when the time is right. Without him we will have limited view and will only see in part.