Thursday, June 23, 2011

What really happens at a Funeral

The Story begins,

It was a dark day. Rolling clouds covered the sky. The wind blew gently increasing the feeling of cold. The trees had lost their leaves for the season. The building we were in was pleasant yet plain. Nothing made the building stand out. There were no bright colours. The building felt like the weather, Grey sprinkled with some moisture. The pews were hard as rock. No matter what way you sat it felt uncomfortable, yet they were all full. The building held close on three hundred people with ease. The crowd was strangely silent except for the occasional sniff. Everyone wore black. In the front was a long wooden box propped up on a rickity stand with wheels. It was placed near the stage that contained all the music instruments. The lid of the box  was open. The box contained our dear sister. We had all gathered for this sad occasion. She was a stalwart of the Faith. A women who had held it all together. She had made a difference in many people’s lives. This could be seen by the turnout that day. She had prayed, preached, healed the sick, fed many and had left us with so many memories. Why had she gone so early? Had she finished what was required of her? Had she gone to a better place? No one knew the answers. Everyone was feeling lonely and Sad.

Suddenly a figure came in the door. He was dressed well with long well-kept hair. His sandals trotted on the dark carpet almost making it seem like he was gliding. He was not wearing Black and seemed joyful. At first I was surprised but when he got closer I realized who this was. The confident gait gave it away. I could see the leaders in the front tense up. They looked as if they were getting ready for a confrontation. Jesus ignored them. Close behind him was Lazarus. Lazarus had been raised from the dead a few weeks ago in a very similar setting. Was Jesus here to repeat what he had done to Lazarus. Jesus went straight to the box while removing his headphones. He leaned in and kissed Sarah gently on the forehead and said. "You have made it". "I am so proud of you". "My Father has prepared a place for you". Then he turned and in a loud voice said. “Why are you all so Sad”. “Sarah is in a better place, you should all want to be there”. “Celebrate where she has gone.” Then he left just as quickly as he had come.

Rob Bell says God loves us and wants us all in heaven. He is correct. The Sad part to the story is that some people will not make it. People who have tried all sorts of formulas will fail to get there. Sinners and lost people will make it because they know Jesus and have a relationship with him. Let’s all pray that we can be like Sarah and have Jesus love us and be happy with us that we have made it to his kingdom. That’s where I would like to be in the house with many, many rooms. No one let’s strangers in to their house.
Cheers Deep Thinkers