Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jesus Drives a small car.

I was angry. Today was looking like a day from Hell. It was wet, miserable and cold. For the fourth time in my life I was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre. What made it worse was that the spare also had a puncture.  It had been disabled for more than three months. I had been telling my husband for weeks about it. That he needed to fix the tyre so that I would not end up in the predicament in which I now found myself. I felt unloved, uncared for, but especially angry. I was soaked to the bone, makeup streaming down my face trying franticly to wave down speeding cars. I must have looked quite a sight.

It was then that I saw a car slow down and pull up in front of my car. It was a small car. Nothing fancy but had new numbers on the back. It looked like it had not even been registered. The figure who stepped out the car was strangely familiar. Not tall or short, just right. He was young. Thirty something with long hair that seemed well kept. He smile seemed warm in this cold weather. He walked up to me and handed me his car keys. He smiled and said “Your Husband needs you to Love him and not be angry”. “Take my car and go to him.” At first I was unsure. Do I trust this stranger? Should I take his car? Do I really want to be with my Husband? What had he meant by the comments that I should love him?  Had he been reading my mind? After some hesitation I grabbed my stuff from my car, took the keys jumped in and took off. As he was leaving I heard him shout “Talk with you tomorrow morning Angel”

When I got home my husband was in tears in the main room. He had been badly beaten.  We had been robbed, our car stolen. He had been held at gunpoint for a long time. The men all dressed in black had threatened to Rape his wife when she came home. He had eventually convinced them that there were no more valuables in the house and that they should leave.  A cold sweat broke out on hearing that word. I realised that I had been spared grievous bodily harm by breaking down on the road. That my husband had suffered alone yet with the terrible fear of me returning to a terrible fate. I was grateful that he had not had the tire fixed. The material losses seemed like nothing. We had our lives and we had each other. We hugged for a long time. I was not angry. Tears streamed down my face. I felt loved again.

I then realised who was in the other car. i though he was familiar. Only Jesus called me Angel. He had saved me in more ways than one. I was very grateful and was going to make a point of speaking to him more than I had ever done before.

With Jesus, all things are possible. Are you open to the possibilities? He created the universe. Everyday day he does miracles. Do we see them? Do we expect them? Live with Jesus and expect the unexpected every day.
Hope u all enjoyed.