Monday, December 26, 2011

The untold birth of Jesus

I was so excited. I had been looking forward to this day since time began. It felt so long ago yet it felt like yesterday. I suppose that happens when you’re me. I had planned the day down to the smallest details. I had placed everything where it should be. The excitement in the air was absolutely palpable. My son was about to make me the proudest Father ever. It was like he was going for his first day of school. I was waiting for his birth. The moment when it would all begin. My son had agreed to undo all that had been done in the past. He was going to right the wrongs of the entire universe. This was a huge moment in my Life. I did one last check that everything was in place. The STAR was on its way. The manger was ready. The angels had practiced what they were going to say to the shepherds……They had been practicing for years. This was now the time for it all to happen. This was to be a milestone in my plans for humanity, for myself, for everyone. I could not contain myself.

I waved to Gabriel to get ready, he smiled. He had been ready for a millennium or two. I watched as Mary and Joseph held hands while she screamed in labour.  The sheep and cows stood nearby as planned watching and listening to what was unfolding. In anticipation we all waited. The universe held its breath for the birth of its King. The cry rang out as the baby emerged. Joseph quickly wiped the baby clean and wrapped him in swaddling clothes. Mary smiled as Joseph handed my son to Mary. Mary smiled and said Jesus my son. I could not contain myself any longer, I shouted “Jesus, my son”. I needed the world to know. The Star rose in the east to let people know. The angels left to see the shepherds. The world now had a saviour. Not just a prophet or wise men. They had plenty of those. No, this was my son. He is the King, The saviour, the ruler of the world. He was going to bring my people back to me.

The Angels broke out in Chorus and worship me. I noticed that Lucifer was silent. He knew his time had come. The end was now drawing closer.

Merry Christmas everyone and most of all Happy Birthday Jesus.