Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Great Inheritance

One upon a time there was a young man whose father passed away and left him and inheritance. The will was read out and two items were sent to the son. First he was given a gift. It was a gift neatly wrapped in a small blue box with a ribbon on. Secondly he was given his Fathers mansion. This mansion was the largest ever built in the entire world and was worth huge sums of money. The Son was so delighted in receiving the mansion that he ignored the small blue gift and rushed to the mansion. After walking around the mansion he realised that a large section of the mansion was closed off behind a large vault door. The door was very, very big. It was like a door he had seen on movies protecting great treasures. He knew that there would be great treasures from his father behind the door and all he needed to do was open it. Rooms would be opened and secrets would be revealed that would change his life. He called a locksmith who tried to open the door unsuccessfully. He called another locksmith who failed just as badly. The young man tried other locksmith’s. He got the best safe cracker in the world at a hefty price. He Tried angle grinders and other heavy machinery but nothing would work. One day he arranged for someone to try blowing the door open with dynamite, then c4 and then shape chargers but the huge metal door stood firm.

The young man was no longer young. He had spent many years and much of his wealth trying to open the door in the mansion. He had sacrificed time, money and his relationships to try to get into the Vault. Everything he had tried had failed. He had nothing else to leave his son and that had saddened him but it was too late. On his deathbed he breathed his last breath and left the mansion to his son. The son walked around the mansion and searched the house. Everything had been sold and the house was empty. While looking in the study he noticed a small blue box sitting on the top shelf. It had ben untouched. The wrapping was a little worn. The ribbon was no longer in place. The son wiped the dust of the gift and began to open it. Inside was a shiny key. It looked like it had never been used. There was a note which read. “My Son, All I have is yours. Open and enjoy.” The young man knew that it was the key to the Vault. He ran to the vault and searched the door for the keyhole. In between the scratches dents and bumps from all the work that had been done on the door he found a small hole. The key slid in perfectly. The Key turned smoothly with a small click. The key seemed to trigger a series of loud thumps as the locks that had stood in place for many years began to move out of place. The door swung open and before him was a long passage with many rooms on the side. He knew that it was going to be a long time before he discovered what was behind all the passages and doors that now lay before him.

God has left you a key that opens many doors and many surprises. The Holy Spirit is the key to all the hidden secrets that God has for you. Find the Holy Spirit, find Jesus, find God.

Hope you enjoyed.


                Greg Hay