Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Swan Paddling against the current

This story is inspired by a Word that came out of our Sunday morning church today.

The Sun was high in the sky shining across the river which made its way through wonderful landscaped mountains.  I sat on the edge of the mountain peering down at the lake at the end of the River through binoculars. The landscapes were impressive to say the least. A movement caught my eye as I was going over the landscape. It was a Swan on the lake trying to paddle against the current of water pushing it downstream. The swan tried it’s best to move upstream but seemed to constantly be pushed back by the torrent of water moving in the opposite direction. The Swans reflection in the water got churned up as the Swan tried to paddle harder and harder. Eventually the Swan realized that going against the current was not working and it stopped paddling and floated with the current. The Swan with a few kicks then used the current to take to flight and soar into the air, leaving behind all the struggles of going against the current.

In life we are sometimes like that Swan. We struggle against Gods plan for us. The more we struggle the more we don’t reflect who we are and we don’t get to where God wants us. We need to go with the current and allow God to give us what we need so we can take flight and get beyond all the issues in life. Let God be in control and reflect Jesus by allowing him to form you. Let the Potter be the potter and don’t fight so hard to be something you were not designed to be.