Saturday, November 27, 2010

Use it or Loose It.....seriously

Hey Everyone,

Been a rough week. I have been sick as can be. The Docter patched me up with some antibiotics which was a great help and the first Docter....God was very involved i am sure. I still have an irritating cought though. I had a few people pray for me here and there which is great. Always good to geat Prayer whenever you can and to make a point to pray whenever you can. Have you ever tried to pray for someone you don't get on with? It's a great way to get God's heart on a situation. He will change your attitude towards them. So think for a second of all the people that get you down and bug write down their names...and pray for them. Let it be God's issue and not yours.

Always had people say to me.....Remember...relationship before issue. I think that's a really good point. We need to not let our gripes get between us all. It's harder when you have to practice that model. I guess that is the next step. First pray for the person and second get together with them and make peace. Something I will be learning this week.

On another side note i have been thinking about the use it or loose it principal. Basically any sportsmen or musician has to keep practicing to be good at what they do. If you don't keep practicing you will get worse at the sport and potentially become really bad at it. The same applies to our physical bodies. If we liedown for a year and then try to walk again. We will have lost the ability and will need to work very hard to get the ability to walk again. The same goes for spiritual gifts. Strictly speaking you won't lose the gift but you will get really bad at it. Same as the person trying to walk again. If we don't practice hearing God regularly, praying regularly, preaching regularly or whatver it is that God has given us as a gift we will get worse and worse at excercising the gift. So be challenged to get ou there with what God has given you and use it. If it's to Preach.....Preach. If it is to prophesy.....Prophesy. If it is to lead...lead. Sounds like Paul writing int he Bible.....But that's what he was getting at. If we all just do what God has called us to do we will be better off.

I guess that's why Doctors have a practice. They need to keep practicing to get better at what they do. I suppose we get to ask the Question of ourselves...Are we Practicing Christians? Do we put into action what we believe. If you believe prayer heals....then why don't you pray when you are sick or pray for others when they are sick?

It's a tough one i know.

Till next time....