Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daryl the dog wisperer

Hello All,

wow....sleep. Somethimg we have been missing. The Dog wisperer (Daryl) said throw your shirt in and the dog will sleep......Well Darn it, It worked. The dog slept and therefore we slept. Needless to say it did wake us up with the usual first light alarm. But hey that's better than several alarms during the night. It was great to sleep and sleep well. This of course leads to a very early morning blog for me.

It's been quite a week. I have had several meetings over coffee and food and some interesting subjects have come up. One of the discussions was with some christians who had a general distaste for church as a structure. To the extent that i got the impression that attending church was pointless and futile much to my dismay. Unfortunatly some of the comments would have been correct as Church has it's flaws. It's full of people of course it will not be perfect. Nothing involving people is perfect as we are imperfect. So what's the point? Why go to church? I guess the best answers for me are around the words Support, Covering, Blessing and Family. Church is a place to get suport. Find people who hopefully have similar beliefs to you that you can talk to and help you through the tough times. It's hard to have support from people who have no clue what you are on about and what church is. Second one is covering. This is probably an area the church in general has abused. Covering is about protection. Knowing that there is a group of people who can assist in keeping you safe. Much like a pride of lions or any other group of animals stick together. It's easier to feed and easier to defend yourself. When you are on your own there is a significant more change of starvation and death. Who will rescue you if you fall into a trap? Granted this can be done by a group of christians not necessarily the church as we know it in the form of a sunday morning service. The point being that a sunday morning service is not what church is about. It's a bit more than that. I think church is like Marriage. Commit. Get involved and be a part of it. Don't just do the functions of the marriage. Have relationship with the people. I think that's why Jesus said people wuld know us by our Love.

Another interesting discussion i had was over creation and evolution. I am no scientist but I do know that not all scientists agree on what did or did not happen. Forget the religious side of the argument. I suppose these days it's easier to believe those that have a bigger marketing budget. As i have always said. Don't beliee it just because it's on TV or in a book or in my Blog. Go and do the research. From my side even if evolution was scientifically correct. (Which is hard to believe) It's a significant jump to go from nothing to stuff, then dirt and then man. There are many Lotto's in that equation. Imaging winning the lotto 10 million times in a row. For hat to happen does not take chance. It takes planning and influence. Creation is that significant. It took planning and influence and that's what we call GOD.
The only person who existed at creation was God. I guess as he sole witness to the event we should probably listen to him more than a bunch of people who were not there.

I also had a shock this week to discover my name plasted on some news websites. Kinda weird. I had some work with SPAR and Expand which I did and it seems to have been a big thing. So now we have marketing people using it to get more buisness. It makes sense and yet feels weird searching the web and finding comments from me. Hopefully if people do search they ulimatly end up at the blog and learn something new about me and the God i serve.

Well, that's pretty much it. Keep in mind that it's relationship before issue. So keep your friendships going even if you disagree over certain things and through that relationship help each other to grow. Did you know that Christians should hold each other accountable? Yip it's biblical. I guess you could call it judging. You can't judge non Christians but if a person claims to be a christian they MUST be held accountable by other christians for their actions. Obviously this needs o tbe done in love....Remember...Relationship before issue.

Anyways....Cheers and have a wonderful week.

Greg Hay