Sunday, October 31, 2010

Red Bull Will Kill you

It's been quite a week. The Puppy arrived and made an impact on sleeping patterns immediatly. It's been a week of late nights and early mornings punctuated by barking and yelping. Waking at 4am is slowly becoming normal for Michelle.....I am still not a morning person. My body refuses to adjust. To survive during the day I have become accustomed this week to drinking a red bull every morning. This helps me through the day. By mid afternoon when the red bull wears off i am ready for bed......which comes much later. Yesterday i had a nurse shout at me. "Red Bull will give you a Heart Attack". I guess being in the medical profession she must know some things. Which lead me to the title of this blog. Do we really know what most of the stuff we drink or eat does to us. I certainly do not want to die of a heart attack. I was reading this week in the bible about your body being a temple of the holy spirit. So if it is a temple we should probably take a bit more care of it. I guess that's not my strong point.

I also went to a short session by Jeremy Stefano at the church yesterday. He said some quite interesting things that are a bit of a challenge. One was as leaders do we train the people in the church to get close to God and become self sufficient or do we just create a title and job roles for everyone. At the end of the day as leaders our job is to assist people to get closer to God so that the entire body can be prepared for when we become the bride of Christ. He also challenged on the point Jesus raised to his Disciples. Jesus said to them "Who do you say I am?" It's a good point. We often theorise or go through logic to answer the question. The point being in your heart who do you say Jesus is?
It's a kinda important question and your life depends on it. He will be speaking again tonight at the Kloof Combined churches meeting.

All in all an interesting week. I am sure next week will be just as good.


IHMS (In His Majesty's Service)