Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Great Potjie Cook Out

What a great day at Church. We had a great Potjie Cook out. Lots of people took part of all ages. There was some seriously good food. I should know. I tried them all as I was a Judge. One thing I appreciated was also the muti culural side to it. In South Africa that's real great. We had the White okes doing Poitjie's, the Indian's did some awesome curries....I could see some white oke's sweating. Then we had the Zulu's, Shona and Malawian's Braing meat and Pap. It was all in all an awesome occasion. We even had an American present....another one...well actually and x south african. So she fitted in just fine after being away for 13 years.

One thing that struck me at the Braai was the Refugee's and the fact that they don"t have much and could enjoy themselves with everyone else. Yet they are poor. As Christian's and as a church we have a duty to help out. Back to fasting. There is a scripture that talks of fasting and giving away your food while you fast. If I remember correctly it is a rebuking to the leaders of Biblical times saying that they fasted yet it had no meaning and the writer was saying would it not be better that when you fast to consider those that don't have much and to give them food. Sure the food will most likely be short lived and won't give them a career. It is however a start. it's a small thing one can do to help others out. There are starving families out there. Maybe we should skip one meal a week and send a 5kg bag of Mielie meel to those that need it. A 5kg bag feeds about 20 people or 20 meals for one person. That's a lot and does not cost much. I say we can all do our small part.

Something for me to think about and maybe do when i am fasting.

cheers Greg