Friday, September 24, 2010

No food for 3 days

Hello everyone,

Today is day 3 without food. Probably the best fasting experience i have had. Mainly due to my preparation. Normally by Day 2 I would have splitting headaches from the caffeeine withdrawels. This time I got off caffeeine very early. No Tea, No Coffee, No Coke, No Chocolate has helped to make the experience a little easier and a little more bearable. I had the coffee headaches a week before i fasted and at a time when it is bearable as it is covered by other foods. When you fast it's normally exteremely hard to get through the first three days with a headache. If anyone's planning on fasting. Get off Caffeeeine very early. Hunger pains have not been bad either. Michelle has helped me cut down on meal sizes in the run up which has helped my body adjust. I also have had smaller meals and less MEAT. more salad's and lean meats. I gotta say that i actually feel quite well. I feel more alert than normal which feels good.

Yesterday i stank. Seems all the gunk was coming out my flesh so I had to shower a bit more. Something to remember for the first few days of a fast as your body deals with all the junk in your body is you do start to stink although it seems that it has now all gone. Michelle is pleased that my aroma has gone.

I do feel the cold more than normal. I think due to not having energy in my body i can feel it more than i would. When the sun sets I start closing curtains, windows and doors to stay warm, and I had my jearsey on the one night even though it's summer.

I can feel that i don't have the energy that i normally have. I could not run a mile or anything close. Not that i could do that before.

Reading the scriptures is interesting. The scriptures seem to have come more alive to me. Michelle and i have started reading throigh the new testament as part of the fast. We have just finished reading the old testament. In Matthew we have not even got to chapter 10 and have already read three times about fasting. One is Jesus fasting, two is Jesus talking about his disciples not fasting and three is Jesus explaining how to fast and not to look depresed and sulky. Guess that's something for me to remember. It's also great to get stuck in to the new testament again. So many Christians belive some many things that they have been told yet they have never read the scriptures. It's one of my passions. I have ready the Bible cover to cover a few times and it gets better every time I read it. My advice if fasting or not is to read the scriptures. All of the Bible and not just the pieces you like. You would be amazed and what you will find.

Being a public holiday and a weekend we normally would be having people over and braaining and eating stacks. I have already lost out on some of that. I guess that's something to be aware of in a fast as well is that you can't have all the social events you normally would. I even missed a lunch appointment. I was in a meeting and was offered some great chocolate biscuits. Normally I would climb in. I had to resist more from will than from hunger.

Michelle is enjoying eating healthy. Stuff that rabbitts eat. It's not my kind of thing. I have a dislike for cooked vegetables so Daniel fasts are not something I would do. However it's a good fast to do and worthwhile for those who don't have the build I have. I have lost about 2kg's already. Not that it will show. I have a large belt to feed off for a number of weeks.

I don't know why but I am looking forward to Church on sunday. I have some kind of expectation building. Feel it's gonna be good. It's also going to be a really busy day. Young Adults are leading Worship , Serving Tea, Serving Breaking of Bread, Food for Alpha and i am service lead for the day. It's gonna feel like we are running around on Sunday but i want to experience God. So in whatever hapens on Sunday....Seek God. No Matter what goes right or wrong. Seek him. I suppose that applies during the entire year. We seek him at all times regardless of our emotions. We seek him because he is God. He is the creator. In a weird way we are irrelevant and only he is relevant. Yet he has made us relevant by creating us. We get to glorify him as his creations in everything we do and say. Much like tree's and mountains express him. So should we.

Enough rambling.....

I'll try to blog a bit sooner.