Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Ready for the fast

Happy Spring for everyone. Good month for a Fast.

The date is set....23rd of September for the fast. It's time for me to start watching what i eat and how much i eat. Avoid large meals and generally eat healthier. With Michelle's help this should not be too hard. I also need to cut back on Coffee and Caffeine......the dreaded headache creators. If i wait too long the first days of the fast will be a nightmare. Best cut back on Caffeine asap. I'll have huge headaches in the first 3 days of fasting if i don't stop caffeine and that makes fasting harder.

It so happens that Michelle and i have been reading the Bible cover to cover. Getting people to read the bible is a pet hobby of mine. I find too many Christians have no idea what is in the Bible. They heard something from someone which is normally second or third hand and a load of rubbish. Most of the time Christians get pulled into something believing it's right and in the meantime it's not even biblical. There are so many examples of this in the church these days it's frightening. Moral of the story, Read the That's what we have been doing. All it takes is 4 chapters a day and you will finish in about 10 months. When i start fasting on the 23rd it will be the day we begin reading the new testament. I am looking forward to that.

Something for anyone to consider when fasting is what is the point.....Time to Read the bible...maybe that's a good reason. Finding God. Praying. Those are also good reasons.

In a few days I'll be reading Daniel. He fasted quite a bit. Refused to eat food that was "unclean" and worship idols. Later he ended up in a lion's den. Maybe the fasting helped him handle the lions den. His buddies ended up in the fire. Maybe fasting helped them too. More on this when i get to read it in a few days.