Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shooting Stars!!!!

Michelle and I were out walking at the crack of dawn and saw several shooting stars….or at least that’s Michelle’s story. I explained that they could easily have been space debris re-entering the atmosphere which was much less glamorous and romantic particularly at five in the morning which suited me fine. After some heated debate I retreated from what could have got worse.

This did however get me thinking about what lessons could be learnt from this situation.

1 Just cos it looks like a star does not mean it is one.
How often in life we see people as famous stars and we want to be the same. Yet behind the glamour and bright shining lights there is debris. Often we hear of drugs, broken families and a life that is far from Gods plan which eventually comes out and the star falls. You can’t fake it as a star forever. Eventually the lights dim and people see what is really going on. Who are the stars in your life?  Remember that they are no perfect and have much to live up to. Give them a break and more importantly pray for them that God works in their lives. If you are a star, maybe you need to be more real with yourself and those watching. God has gifted you with talents for a purpose. Use the talents for his purpose and at the same time get your life back in order with what is actually important.

2 What amazing creation.
It is amazing how creation is so massive that we have barely understood it. As soon as we discover something we also realise there is more hidden behind it. Behind every star is another star and so it continues. God Is not limited by our understanding of what he can or cannot do. He works within and beyond our understanding. He placed the stars to glorify his name and for us to know that he exists.

3 The moon is but a reflection.
The moon as good looking as it is, is just a reflection of true light. The moon is a dead rock. The Sun is alive and full of fire. Look for what you follow in your life to see if it’s the real deal or just a reflection of what is real. In your own life you can reflect God o you can be filled by him to overflowing. Rather than following reflections follow the true light and son of God Jesus.

4 There is always darkness before light dawns.
Sometimes life gets very dark and it seems like the darkness swallows us up and takes everything from us. The good news is that light will prevail. Jesus the Son will rise and the darkness will be no more. When in the darkness we hope for the light. We wait for the red light on the horizon that shows that dawn is near, when we can bask in the warmth he provides. Don’t give up. Hold on. He’s coming.

5 Your whole body needs work.
We are mind, body and soul. All three should be exercised accordingly. Walking and similar fitness routines exercise the body. Reading and studying is a great way to exercise the mind. Worshipping, Praying, Hearing and listening to God exercises the soul. We should focus on all three in some way to get our lives right. Being close to God however is the most important.

6 You need to spend quality time with Family.
You should set time to be with you family as a goal. Spend time with your wife, husband and children. Not just watching TV. Spend some quality time talking, cuddling, eating and playing games. In the busy lives we have we can easily forget the importance of that. Oh, and don’t forget to let them win the argument sometimes.

God Bless. Have a wonderful day.