Monday, April 9, 2012

Healed by a stranger

The dust was killing me. I had travelled for days to get here. It was not the easiest travel since I could not walk. I had to rely on others to get me from A to B. My family had been very supportive. This was my last chance. This place was my final hope of healing. I had heard of a doctor of sorts that would be able to heal me. I had heard the stories from so many people of how he had healed others. I assumed he was some kind of magician although all the magicians I had heard of were not able to do what I had heard he had done. Trust me, I had tried them all. Magic potions, spells, chants…..It was all pointless. None of It had worked. I had paid, I had slaved, I had done everything and it had got me nowhere. All the gods I had tried were useless.

As I was being carried into Jerusalem there was a huge amount of commotion. Crowds were following people going up the hill. It looked like the romans were going to crucify a few people. I wondered what they had done to deserve that. They were probably murderers, thieves, rapists or something of the like. They deserved the death sentence. I felt no pity for them at all even though I knew they were going to suffer the most painful death anyone could suffer.

As we waited for the procession to go past so we could continue I saw the one prisoner go past. He was bleeding profusely from the back where he had obviously been whipped. There was very little skin left on his back. His face was beaten black and blue to the extent that I was surprised he could see where he was going with the swollen eyes from all the punches the romans had obviously given him. He had a weird crown of thorns on his head. I had never seen that before in any crucifixion. As I watched he stumbled and fell. The beam he was carrying smacked him from behind onto the unyielding ground. He barely moved from what must have been exceptionally painful. After some prodding and pushing the roman grabbed a guy from the crowd and made him carry the beam.

The guy with the crown slowly drew to his feet. Other than some groans of pain he said nothing. He stood slowly and with some pushing from the romans began to move forward. As he began to move he looked over at me. I froze. There was something in his eyes. He bore deep into my soul and I could tell he knew everything about me. Through the blood he smiled at me, if ever a man could in the pain he was facing as if to say that this was for me. Then he was shoved forward by the roman soldier. Before I could say otherwise the guys carrying me began to follow up the hill. They wanted to see what was going to happen. I must confess I was drawn for some reason to what was going on.

I watched them crucify him.

I watched him die.

I cried my eyes out.

Something about that man had been more than anyone had known. I cried even more when I found out that he was the man I had come to see. He was my last hope to ever walk again. He was dead and my hope was gone. I would never be healed.

After three days of hiding in the room and crying myself to bed I was woken by a man standing in front of me. At first I was confused who he was. He looked me in the eyes and then I knew it was him. I could never forget those eyes and that smile. He said to me “My name is Jesus, You were looking for me and now you have found me”. “You are now healed”. “Stand up and walk”. He took my hand to help me up and as he did I could feel my legs. I could wiggle my toes. I had not done that in all my life. I started to stand up. My legs held my weight. I took a step forward and could not contain the elation in me. I screamed in pure joy and ran to the side of the room and then ran back. I knew this man. He was the Messiah. He was my Lord and King.

Jesus is risen. As we celebrate Easter and the days ahead remember that Jesus is risen, he is real and is a miracle working God. He wants to interrupt your life and heal you from everything. As you draw close to Jesus and look into his eyes. He will smile at you and change your life. You can make that choice today to meet with him. Close your eyes and picture him smiling at you. What does he say to you?