Monday, January 16, 2012

School shoot out

Being adopted had frustrated me all my life. I always felt like I could never get anything done right. I always felt like I was second hand baggage. I was someone my parents did not even want and was thrown away like garbage on the side of the road. My new parents were ok, they fed me and looked after me. They had put up with my temper, my mood swings and my weird dress sense.  Today I was angry, angry at everyone but mostly angry at God. How could he allow this to happen? How could he allow my biological parents to throw me out? It was his fault. He should have looked after me. In fact he should have not even allowed me to be conceived. If I did not exit it would have been better.

I was sitting at school in my class complaining about life. Complaining about everything that was going on and how life was unfair. I had no purpose. My life was a waste. As I finished the though I heard a popping sound, Followed shortly by another. The entire class went deathly quiet. Someone said, “Isn’t that a Gun”. There were a few more pops, this time they were closer and were sounding more like bangs, they were sounding more like a gun. A few people came running past the class screaming. “Someone is shooting people, we need to hide” Said a boy who ran into the class. The teacher tried to calm us all down. We all got under our desks and remained as quiet as possible. Some of the girls were crying. The tension was too much.

My desk was by the door. I was beginning to freak out. We could hear the gun shots getting very close. We heard footsteps outside our class door. It was someone walking past. It could only be the shooter. Everyone else had been running. The footsteps stopped. I heard a gun being reloaded. This was not a good sign. I tensed up waiting to see what would happen. We all remained quiet. Suddenly the door burst open and in walked the shooter. He was a young guy holding a 9mm pistol. As he leveled it towards the room to begin opening fire I sprang into action. I grabbed the legs of the desk I was under and charged the person in front of me. The desk slammed up against his head before he could turn to face me with the gun. A shot went off and ricochet off the roof.  I rammed the desk a second time against him. The gun dropped to the floor as did the attacker. He was out cold. The desk must have hit him squarely on the jaw. It was a KO in round one. I was stunned. The entire class was stunned.

Afterwards I was sitting by the police cars drinking some sweet juice. People from my class came past and thanked me. For the first time in my life I felt special. I realised that if I had not been around people in my class would have died. I then realised that I did have a purpose. I could make a difference. It was up to me to make the choice. I dialed my adopted parents and told them what had happened. I told them that I loved them. It was a start.

Always remember that life is made of choices. You can choose to live a selfish life or a life that blesses others. You can choose to be depressed and full of self-pity or you can choose to be a person that other people want to be with, someone who lifts people up rather than kicks people down. Make some right choices today.